Do the products smell like garlic?
The smell of black garlic is different of that of normal garlic, as it loses its pungent smell and turns into a sweeter scent. Nevertheless, our shampoo is fragrance free and will leave the hair odorless after each wash. The conditioner on the other hand is lightly fragranced with natural lemon peel oil.

What are the active ingredients of the shampoo?
The key ingredients of our shampoo are black garlic, oils of Castor, Coconut, Olive, and Mustard as well as natural Vitamin E and Biotin. in addition to these ingredients, out shampoo is pH balanced and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

For what type of hair is the shampoo and conditioner?
Our products are designed to benefit all type of hairs as it uses healthy ingredients to help replenish and strengthen your hair.

How frequently should I use the shampoo to see results?
Depending on each hair type, more oily hair needs more frequent applications. Aida's Black Garlic® products should be used 2 to 4 times a week for ultimate results.

Is the shampoo safe for dyed hair?
Aida’s Black Garlic® Shampoo is not made for dyed hair.

Are Aida’s Black Garlic® products cruelty free?
All Aida’s Black Garlic® products are cruelty free. We care for all living creatures equally.