You deserve the best!

At Aida's Black Garlic®, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest, most nourishing ingredients for your hair. That's why we've chosen black garlic as the star of our products. With its unmatched benefits for promoting and maintaining healthy, strong hair, black garlic is the perfect choice for our formulas.

Our shampoo and conditioner are specifically designed to replenish your hair with everything it needs to stay strong and healthy, no matter what life throws your way. In addition to the nourishing properties of black garlic, our products are fortified with natural oils and vitamins to further support your hair's health and strength.

We have listed below some of our ingredients and their functions.

Featured in our products

Black Garlic

• Stimulates healthy hair

• Strenghten existing hair and prevents fatigue


• Essential nutrient for heathy hair

• Strenghten the hair roots

Vitamin E

• Deeply moisturizes and revives damaged hair

• Protects hair from weakening and breaking

Mustard oil

• Hydrates

• Great source of nutrients

Castor oil

• Smooths strands

• Helps to cleanse the hair and scalp

Coconut oil

• Deep moisturizer

• Prevents hair dryness and breakage

Olive oil

• Adds moisture and natural shine

• Great source of nutrients

Grapeseed oil

• Smooths split ends

• Tames flyaways without weighing down hair

Dermosoft® decalact MB

• A natural, multifunctional active ingredient with antimicrobial properties

• Learn more Dermosoft Decalact MB

What is BLACK GARLIC anyway?

Black garlic is garlic that went through an aging process under controlled temperature and humidity. The process is of East Asian origin and it usually takes between 1 and 3 months to produce the black cloves. It has a very distinctive color and taste and is becoming increasingly popular in the western world in the culinary scene as well as in beauty products thanks to its many health benefits.

Good hair comes from good habits.

Wash well but do not over wash.

Gently massage and do not scratch.

Use nutrient rich products and always moisturize.